Solutions Architecting

The design and structure of any business application is critical as it is the foundation on which you will build on.  A properly architected application will provide that strong foundation ensuring performance, scalability, flexibility, interoperability, security, and reliability.  It is an investment into the long term success of your application and provides the vehicle on which your business will transfer and share information.  It will act as a blueprint to be used in system integration and provide a reusable model that can be leveraged in future applications and features.

Chaney Systems emphasizes the importance of proper architecture in applications and offers many services to help guarantee the long term success of your application.  Every application that Chaney Systems performs the principle development on receives an architecture review long before code is ever written.  We extend these same services for companies that may not have solutions architects on staff.  Chaney Systems can act in a support role for your internal development by aiding in the design phase, completing initial design, or simply reviewing your completed architecture.

We can also provide ongoing application life-cycle guidance with existing development projects or post mortem architecture assessment and reconstruction.  Post mortem assessments and reconstruction revolve around reviewing existing applications that may be suffering slow performance or in need a new feature implemented.  Architecture reconstruction focuses on the migration from your current architecture to a new solution designed around flexibility and scalability.

At Chaney Systems, we believe in maximizing your investment by empowering you with the latest technology and experienced professionals.  Through us you will achieve the business results you are looking to looking for.

Architecture Design: We meet with you and develop an application scope and set of requirements and design an architecture that will fulfill your business requirements

Architecture Evaluation: We evaluate your architecture focusing on ensuring it will perform as desired an make suggestions to improve the proposed design

Architecture Implementation: We support you throughout the development process ensuring the proper implementation of the designed architecture and handle change requests and the affect this has on the architecture currently being implemented

Post Mortem Architecture Evaluation: We evaluate existing systems for poor performance, future additions, or integration and make suggestions as to changes necessary to improve performance or implement changes or integration

Post Mortem Architecture Reconstruction: We provide migration processes to move from an existing architecture to a new architecture to improve performance or implement changes or integration

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