Systems Intergration

With the number of independent solutions available, interoperability between these systems is rarely natively supported by their manufacturers.  Chaney Systems through our years of experience and knowledge of applications, platforms, hardware and environment can provide the unified system that you need to operate your business as smoothly as possible.  Creating a unified solution for all your disparate systems will increase company productivity, reduce the number of steps in processing, and create greater profitability through each transaction.

Systems Integration covers a wide range of features including communications between multiple sites, integration of one or many independent software packages, manipulation of hardware components, and exposing information trapped in a legacy system to your new system or to your customers through the web. 

Integration Architecture: (LINK TO SOLUTIONS ARCHITECTING)Solutions architecting for integration between existing or new systems

Integration With Hardware: Connect with, control, and monitor hardware communications and components

Network Integration: Connect multiple locations, servers, computers, or individuals over communication networks

Enterprise Application Integration: Integrate with “Off the Shelf” Enterprise Software Solutions

Legacy Integration: Expose trapped information in legacy systems new mediums like the web

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